D.O.G show

why dogs?

in the past, i’ve explored nature, death, and the human form…all of which were motivated by a desire to gain a better understanding of myself. painting dogs is no different. the dogs have a human quality, and provide a window into our collective higher consciousness, a plane of consciousness where presence and love prevail.

how does D.O.G show fit into a larger social context?

the world right now is a hotbed of violence, fear and suffering. D.O.G show seeks to present an alternate perspective by using dogs to express love, fraternity and healing. the show seeks to offer an antidote we all crave; the transformative experience of relationship that’s based on unconditional acceptance.

how did you approach D.O.G show?

D.O.G show is a body of work which is bound together by its subject matter while employing various methods of painting. i approached the paintings by choosing the method that would best express the qualities that i wanted to explore in each dog.

what sets you apart from traditional dog portrait painters?

the paintings that make up D.O.G show are not dog portraits in the traditional sense. the backgrounds are minimal and sparse to keep the focus on the dog’s essence. the scale is large to invite the viewer up close and personal. unlike traditional dog portraiture, i’ll change perspective by zooming in on a paw or an ear, or a wrinkly forehead. rather than portraying dogs from a distant view in a pictorial setting, i’d rather get as intimate as possible. magnifying the images so that it often runs off the canvas. in this way the viewer has an intimate experience of the unique nature of the dog.

how have your dogs influenced you on a personal level?

dogs are my teachers and offer contentment, love, protection and the quality of being fully present. when i am with a dog it doesn’t matter what is going on in my life, what kind of mood i’m in, or if i’m having an upside down day. they are happy to accept me as i am. human relationships come with all sorts of conditions. D.O.G show represents a pure and devotional love, which transcends my human flaws.